Candy Crush Saga is No Longer #3 Top Grossing App

Call it the payback for the hardcore players. Fallout Shelter, a game title that is mobile lifestyle in a post-apocalyptic world, enjoys pulled Candy Crush Saga out from the number 3 place it’s got conducted for a very lifetime regarding the top-grossing cellular video games data.

Although King have a lot of top grossing apps, but Candy Crush Saga is their best one till this date. It is so much popular that even the hacked version of this game is now available on different sites. One of such site is GTX Games where players can get Candy Crush Saga mod apk for free [a hacked/modified version of actual game].

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It Was A Strange Night…

Everything was still, the moon was full & everything seemed fine. Still, somewhere deep inside me, I could feel something was not right… Like something was telling me, this is NOT the usual night you are used to each and everyday. There is something more to it but I thought of it as one of my strange thoughts and went back to sleep.

After few minutes, the dog of the neighbors started barking! There must be a reason for its barking but I was not in a mood of hearing anything & was trying real hard to just sleep. So I used my taser on the dog and everything was quite once again! Finally, I could get back to sleep again… Continue reading It Was A Strange Night…